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Japan Airline Business Class

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We were able to book Japan Business Class flight from Boston to Japan through American Airline miles and $5.60 tax before the points devaluation. It was a 13 hours direct flight from Boston to Narita. We checked in at Boston Logan airport at the Business counter for Japan airline. At the counter the nice lady at ticket counter told us that we didn’t pick our seats yet so she handed us a tablet which showed the seating chart and asked us to pick our seats. It was some what exciting for me. I have always given a seat when checked in and they had never offer us to pick our seat unless we ask to. Let along picking seats from a tablet. I guess business class has it’s perk. After checked in, she told us to go though security and go straight to the British Airway lounge which is located at Terminal E to wait until boarding time.

We were there about 2 hours early so going to the lounge would be nice to seat down and relax a little. Maybe charged our electronics before boarding the airplane would be good. Upon entering the lounge, we found that it was pretty much empty and they haven’t brought out any food yet except the drink and snacks. So we settle down and got some drinks. I will go into more details regarding this lounge on another post as this is for the Japan airline.

About 10 minutes before boarding time, we headed to the gate. Since we have kids, we were told that we could board first. However, the flight attendant didn’t know that we were also on business class so we get board first either way. As soon as we stepped on the plane, we felt a relieve of not having to fight for over head compartment for our carryon. We were not rushed at all regarding getting in our seats. There were not too many people around us so we got the kids nicely situated in their seats next to the windows. They were so excited that they didn’t get rushed to hurry and seat down and buckle up. As soon as we situated and got everything ready (toys for the kids, noise cancelation headphone for dad and blanket for mom), the flight attendant came over and gave us our drink and a Tumi amenity bag (which included a few essential such as lip balm, earplugs, toothbrush/toothpaste…etc..). She then handed us a menu and told us to look it over to see what they were offering on this flight. Yes, this was our first Business class flight, everything was huh? what? really?.

img_4592_2img_4594_2 img_4588_2

The menu has 2 sections: There was a Japanese meal and Western meal section (to be order during regular service) and then a Anytime you wish section (can be order anytime you like). I looked and the menu for a long time because there were so many options. I knew i wanted to try them all. So my husband and i decided since there were 2 types of meal, we would each order one type and then share so this way we could try both types. I of course ordered the Japanese meal and he ordered the Western meal.

After we had put in the request for the meal, we started to explore our seating area. The seat on Business class can reclines all the way back so you could lay down. It also has a remote control where you could have a little massage. For us Asian, the amount of legroom for these seats was way too much. So it was very comfortable for us. Since the seating configuration for the business class is 2-2-2, we were sitting on 2 different rows so both of the kids could have the window seat. That left the parents with the aisle seats.

img_4586_2 img_4607

Before we even thinking about should we take a nap or not so the flight could go faster, the flight attendant brought us some light appetizers (Mexican Shrimp Cocktail and Mascarpone potato salad with Prosciutto) along with my Cranberry Vodka. Then shortly after that, our meal came. Just looking at the presentation of it got me all excited. I got the Japanese meal so it came in a box with 9 different slots. Each slot had one type of food. See pic below. I believe the pictures explain a thousand words.

img_4596img_4597_2 img_4598

After we done with our meal, I thought to myself, i must have more than half of the flight time left to decide what other food i like to try from the Anytime menu so maybe i should take a nap. Before i know it, i ordered some more food. I kept going down the menu to see what else i should try. Word of advice, if you are on a diet, do not fly JAL Business class. The food was amazing. To my defend, each dish in the Anytime menu was small so it wasn’t filling my stomach that much. I think they knew people would like to try each type so they intentionally made it in small portion. hehehehehehehhe =)

So i tried the Seafood Fried Noddles with Asian Vegetable Medley. Then the kids wanted Japanese Udon Noodle Soup so i ordered one too to make sure it tasted okay for the kids (j/k). So then what else was left on the menu? The BOS-DON? Yes, the BOS-DON, which was JAL original rice bowl topped with lobster, lettuce and salmon roe from Boston with sesame flavored sauce. There you go, only 3 extra dishes. After all those dishes, i was sadly informed that we were about to landed in Narita. Sad? yes, i was sad that the flight was about to be over. My meal marathon had come to an end even though it was the beginning of our vacation in Japan. Ironically, i was more into the JAL business class flight than the beginning of our 2 weeks vacation.

img_4599 img_4603 img_4604_2 img_4605_2-2

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  1. Tung Van Dinh

    September 8, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    JAL has the best airline food…

    • Tim

      September 9, 2017 at 8:09 pm

      Yes it is. Have tried it several time and would love to try F one of these day.

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