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Our trip to Bali, Summer 2017 vacation

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Taxi drive from DPS airport to Hilton Bali  cost 250,000 ($19USD) (SUV) by Hilton, Nusa Dua

Hilton Bali: Double Twin Bedroom Ocean Suite room 1104

2 Twin beds: 2 adults who used to sleep on a queen size bed will not like this. It is a little bit bigger than the conventional twin bed but smaller than the double bed.

2 baths: the main bathroom is tile and it has a bath tub, a standing shower with a rain showerhead, a toilet, a urinal, and a single sink. The other bathroom was a half bath and it has a toilet and a single sink located near the entrance of the suite.

The suite is separated into 2 by a glass wall encasing a flat screen TV which could turn around so that you could either use it in the living room on one side or the bed room on the other side. The living room is furnished with a long sofa, a single couch, a coffee table and 2 side tables. To the side of the living room next to the half bath, there is a working desk with chairs and a long bench attached to the wall. You could either relax on the bench while working or enjoy an in-room dinning service instead of seating on the couch.

There is a large balcony that can be access via the living room or the bedroom by double side sliding door. There is a table and couple of chairs for you to sit and enjoy the ocean view and the resort view. You could see everything from the balcony.


Food and Shop

Executive Lounge can be access from the 2 floor using the main elevator however at the end of the hall way after you enter the hall with the sign Executive lounge, you will need to walk up a small stair case to the third floor to enter the Lounge. There is another entrance via the elevator next to the fitness area by the pool that will take you directly to the lounge. The lounge has 2 areas. One is in-door and the other is outdoor. Adjacent to the outdoor side of the lounge, there is an adult only infinity pool and cabana area. Food and beverages can be located in the in-door area. Coffee, soft-drink, and snacks are there all day. However, hors d’oeuvre and finger food, and alcohol beverages only served at certain hour (Breakfast 6am-11am, light finger food 3pm-7pm, and alcohol 5pm-7pm). Breakfast in the lounge is very limited to an egg station and some cheese, sausages, potatoes wedge, bacon, and vegie. We had breakfast at the lounge the first day but then wonder to the Brasserie restaurant where they serve daily international breakfast the next day and instantly fell in love with all the selections that we didn’t come back to the lounge at all for breakfast.

We only try one other restaurant at the resort which is the Shiki Japanese restaurant. It was our daughter birthday and she loves Japanese food (Udon soup and Shrimp tempura) so we thought we would take her there and since it is inside the resort, we were not too worry about cleanliness.

The hotel offers shuttle to local shopping area (Bali collection and Duty free mall). We took the shuttle to Bali collection one night to get some souvenirs. It was a small shuttle for the amount of people that wanted to go. It comes every hour so you have to wait to get on the shuttle and sometime it filled up then you have to wait for the next hour. Bali collection has a lot of restaurants and shops. All the restaurants here serve authentic local food so if you want to try local food, you can safely try it there. There is a Starbucks coffee there too. At the main entrance of the shopping area, they have show where you can watch some traditional dances and listen to great music. It is a nice area to relax or if you prefer, you could go to all these little shops that offer massage or soak your feet in the fish tank so the fish can clean out your dead skin for a few dollars. We didn’t try it but there was a lot of people tried it. They seemed to be happy with it.

Every evening, there is local vendor setup their area in the lower lobby and selling many different types of gift and souvenir. You can buy anything from masks, hair clips, Bali arts, Bali handcrafted sculptures. Just remember always negotiate the price down since they jack the price up really high, sometime 50% more. They were selling me a handcrafted Elephant for $50 each, after I turn down and walked away, the seller lowered the price all the way down to $55 for 2 elephants since I wanted to buy 2. So always negotiate the price until you feel you are comfortable pay that price, if you are not then walk away.

After reading many many restaurant reviews, we did try one of the restaurants in Nusa Dua which is call Mai Mai restaurant. We took a taxi from the hotel to the restaurant and it cost us 13,000 IDR ($1USD). All the waiter/waitress speaks English very well. The food portion was not too bad and the price was decent. We ordered the Giant seafood plate and it was giant. My husband and I couldn’t finish it. It has fried/grilled prawns, lobster, 1 whole snapper, a big piece of Tuna fillet, and squids. One of my kid ordered pasta with red sauce and the other ordered fish and chip. We also ordered the fried calamari as well. It was good. The drink was good too. I forgot what my husband ordered but I ordered a leachy martini and it was delicious. After the meal, we requested the check and the waiter offered us some complimentary shots. Not sure what was in the shot but they were strong and smell really good. Don’r forget, the restaurant offers ride back to the local hotel. We didn’t know that and was calling a taxi, but the waiter stopped us and told us that they have their own driver to drive us back to the hotel. The whole dinner cost us 750,000 IDR (which is about $56 USD)


Activities at the hotel:

The kids enjoy very much both slides at the pool area. One big slide was for kid 10 yrs. and older so my little one can only go to the small alligator slide at the kid’s pool. The big slide located next to the Shore restaurant and the swim up bar. The whole entire time we were there, we didn’t see anyone use the bar at all. It was either slow season or this resort was mainly for family or no one seems to like to use the bar. Although, we found out later in the trip that Nusa Dua area is more authentic and traditional area. But if you want to party and nightlife then try Kuta or Seminyak. The beach was beautiful however the wave was very strong so they closed the beach and no one swam in the ocean. You can certainly play or walk the beach but not to go in the water. On our first day at the hotel, they had an activity where they let the kids release baby turtles back to the sea. My kids were so excited and since my daughter had done one of this when we went to Cancun 11 years ago, I was excited as well to have her do it again.

The camel ride on the beach was fun. My husband and my daughter did the 30 minutes ride along the beach for 660,000 ($50USD). It was nice from what I heard. The view of the beach and the ocean was breathtaking.

Family spa was fun for the 4 of us for 1,600,000 ($120 USD). All 4 of us got our feet massaged and washed. Then my husband and I got Balinese massages and the kids got a shoulder massage follow by a floral bath. It was a nice relax hour however, the massage was just normal, nothing extraordinary. I guess for the price of the package for the whole family, it was okay but I will definitely try it again next time with just my own package to see if it would be different.

Tour of Bali:

The following day we hired a driver to drive us to visit a few places. Igusti was his name. He works for himself so he basically drives you to several places base on what you are interested to see. He has this map where you can check it out and let him know which place you would most wanted to visit or you could just let him chose it for you. We told him 2 most important places that we wanted to see which is the Ubud monkey forest and the Rice terraces and then he added in places along the way that he would stop by for us to visit (Gunung Kawi Temple, Kintamani Mount Batur active volcano, and coffee plantation). We left the hotel at 8:15am and didn’t get back until 6pm. So he drove us around for more than 10 hours for just $50 plus some toll cost and admission fee to Ubud monkey forest, Tegallalang Rice terraces and temple. It doesn’t seem a lot for the 10 hours but the distance to these locations plus the traffic, we couldn’t visit more places. So we decided to reserve the drive for another half day the next day to visit the Kuta beach and Tanah Lot temple. We left the hotel at 8:15am again and didn’t get back until 1pm. The traffic to and from Tanah Lot was so bad. It took us over 2 hours just to get around the corner of this popular street to get out of Tanah Lot area. This is a must visit place if you come to Bali. It was amazing.


Flight leaving Bali: We booked Singapore Airline flight to SIN to check out their airport. We used the above tour guide to drive us to the airport since we love him that much. It cost us about $20.


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